»We want performance, predictability,

  Honesty and straightforwardness. «



Mutual trust, reliability, honesty and straightforwardness, both inwards and outwards, are the fundamental principles deeply ingrained in the B2B Time corporate culture. These principles do not just include adhering to all applicable rules and laws, but also the proper mindset of the employees which constitutes an integral part of the sustained corporate success of the B2B Time.

And it is our goal to promote this mindset. At the same time, this mindset entails our employees’ strict adherence to all applicable national and international rules and laws.


Welcome to Marketplace-b2b.com ( B2B Time )





We aim to exceed customer expectations.
The secret of our success is motivated employees and strong project teams with a high level of entrepreneurial responsibility. We work with passion and commitment for our customers, our company and our products.



We have the courage to go in new directions.
We are not satisfied with what we have already achieved, but keep striving for continuous change and progress. Every individual plays their part in creating new solutions and optimizations. This is built on a culture of innovation based on trust, freedom and openness.



We create success.
We place great importance on realistic consulting, communication and work. We adopt an honest and trustful approach. We develop professional solutions for our customers which we implement creatively, responsibly and successfully.



We keep our word.
We expect and thrive on mutual loyalty, support and reliability in our company. These principles along with dependability form the basis of our relationships with our customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues.



We recognise service.
Trust and mutual appreciation form the basis of our relationships with customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues. We therefore respect the individuality of our employees and customers. We focus on our employees’ strengths and help them to further develop. The golden phrase in our dealings with one another is ‘Thank you’.


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